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This is another Twenty-Five Eight UltraMedia production -- engaging your imagination. ~25/8/366~

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About Twenty-Five Eight UltraMedia™

Twenty-Five Eight UltraMedia™ – also known as 25/8/366™ or 25/8™ -- produces, manages and promotes media in a variety of fields, including music, film, and written copy.

25/8/366™ consists of:
* Rockso Records International™: music production for entertainment, commercial uses and as soundtracks for other media (movies, television, etc.) Some of our works-in-progress can be heard here.
* Overclocked Filmworks™: encourages and works with writers and producers of filmed works.
* Emgriot Publishing™: publishing company for music and written works.
* Kemetic Integrated™ (Marketing and Sales): marketing, promotional campaigns, sales of products and services, research, writing, and editing news articles, promotional copy, and creative works.
* Nova Models, Talent and Events™ (aka Nova MTE™): networks projects with models and talent.

Twenty-Five Eight UltraMedia™'s goal is to synergize all parties involved in these facets. Contact us for more information.

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